test 2 - Daniel Schiller ANT 301 Dr. Francis Smiley Test #...

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Daniel Schiller ANT 301 Dr. Francis Smiley Test # 2 07/23/2007 Indigenous ways of extracting valuable resources from the rainforests such as medicines and agricultural techniques have been part of their culture for thousands of years. Only recently has the outside world become acquainted with the benefits that have been derived from their ancient secrets. Not only has the public become familiar with the products and techniques of the indigenous tribes of South America and elsewhere in the world, some are taking advantage and even exploiting the indigenous people to make profits off of the ancient knowledge. In this essay I will look at some of the issues that have arisen between big corporations and the ramifications that the indigenous peoples have paid in their efforts to help the corporations bring tribal medicine and agricultural techniques to the outside world. I will also look at a few solutions that can help bridge the gap between corporate production and indigenous tribe’s rights to their sacred knowledge. We have stumbled upon a very complex and controversial problem in that corporations benefit from indigenous knowledge without providing just compensation to those who provided the source of the corporations’ profit. When we look at the concept of deriving pharmaceuticals from botanicals that are mainly only known to indigenous peoples we can see that there can be some unfair dealings in the mix. The fact that shamans have used forest plants for thousands of years to cure ailments lends credence to the claim that indigenous people should benefit from the profits that large pharmaceutical
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test 2 - Daniel Schiller ANT 301 Dr. Francis Smiley Test #...

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