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final test - 1) Why is it important to look at the global...

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1) Why is it important to look at the global economy, globalization, and neoliberalism when discussing American politics? Use the course material, the information from your own research, and the class discussions to inform your answer. Basically the policy of isolationism that the United States lived by in the pre WWII years is done and gone. Since WWII we have become a consumer nation that is less autonomous and more reliant upon goods and services of other nations. Globalization is a strategy that we have incorporated into our daily lives to ensure our very survival. It is important to maintain tabs on what is going on in the global market. It is important to know where we are getting our products from how they are manufactured and the conditions it is done. Every aspect of our lives now revolves around the global economy. If the world is doing badly, we are doing badly. It is our responsibility to make sure that the global market is running smoothly to ensure Americans can maintain the standard of life we are so accustom too. As I guess the easiest way to see how the global economy affects our lives would be to look the price of oil. As Americans we are so dependant on foreign oil that our markets raise or drop with the price of oil. Every time the price of oil raises the cost of transportation increases and subsequently the products that we buy increase also. We feel the “Pain at the Pump” not only when we fill up our vehicles but when we visit the grocery store, Home Depot, the mall or taking our kids to school. It is the government’s responsibility to make sure that our economy can survive in such a turbulent situation. The neo-liberalization of our workplaces also plays a big role in American politics. It is our government’s obligation to ensure that there are enough jobs in the United States to keep our economy flowing. With corporations outsourcing labor to lower paid workers in foreign countries we lose that much more or four economy. It is important for the government to pressure the corporations to keep jobs available for American workers. As
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final test - 1) Why is it important to look at the global...

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