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Wk 1 DQ 2 - his word in me for whatever his plans are for...

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Wk 1 DQ 2, Due Thursday, March 11 Select one behavior related to psychological or spiritual health that you would like to change. Who is one person in your life you expect to support you in making a positive, healthful change in this behavior? What is a short-term goal you could set to aid in making this change? The behavior I want to change is with my spiritual health; I would like to get back to going to church twice a week. I stopped going when I got laid off to conserve on gas because the church I go to is a 20 minute drive and I was just trying to save money. I do notice a huge difference in my over-all outlook on things; my attitude is just better when I am attending church and I believe that is because God is planting the seeds of
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Unformatted text preview: his word in me for whatever his plans are for me. I believe my mom will support me in this positive, healthful change in behavior because she has mentioned to me herself that when I am attending church she has noticed how much happier a person I seem to be. My short term goal I am setting is to start going back to church every weekend (either Saturday night or Sunday morning). Then build back up to going on Wednesdays as well (I love the Wednesday service because it is a believers service and more in depth). I personally would also like to start reading the bible more and making more time for prayer, but one behavior change at a time....
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