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ble in helping the students achieve Self actualization in the future we must guide and motivate them today. In order to do this we must use Is a guiding force that determines where you are going and keeps you going there. These are needs that need to be fulfilled but once theses needs are met the motivation to meet thes These needs are never 100 percent satisfied. They include learning and understanding the world a This is the most important need. It is the need to develop into full potential. The satisfying of thi
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Unformatted text preview: This theory is a study of how people view there failures and successes and more specifically what This is a reward that is independent of the task at hand. This could be candy, a good grade, or pra This is a reward that is self motivating. Such rewards are an interest in the subject or the feeling o Motivation Deficiency needs Growth needs Self actualization Attribution theory Extrinsic rewards Intrinsic rewards Jon Diegan March 13, 2008 Education 112 Cornell Notes (Pages 315-347)...
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