DNAandGenesinstructions - clicking the “X” in the upper...

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Virtual Lab: DNA and Genes Instructions 1. Open the Virtual Lab entitled “DNA and Genes”. 2. The virtual lab simulation will be on the right side of the page in the “Mutation Guide” area. The left side of the page contains background information and instructions in the “Questions” area. On the bottom of the page are the following icons for your use: “Journal” (these are questions that may be answered/submitted to your instructor), “Calculator” (working calculator function), “Audio” (turns sound on/off) and “Print” (prints the screen). 3. Read the background information found under the “Questions” area first, and then continue on to reading the procedure information posted there as well. 4. When you are ready, please read through the more detailed background information in the “Mutation Guide”. Use the “Next” button to scroll through all of the pages. When you are finished, close out the “Mutation Guide” by
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Unformatted text preview: clicking the “X” in the upper right hand corner of the page. This will then open a new page for the virtual lab exercise. NOTE: If you need to review the “Mutation Guide”, open it up at any time by clicking the “Mutation Guide” button in the lower left hand portion of the page. 5. Once the virtual lab exercise page is visible, you are ready to begin. You will need to first open and/or print the “Post-Lab Quiz and Lab Report”, which can be found on the previous page. When you are ready, please click the “Mutate” button to begin the activity. Remember to follow the directions given to you in the “Questions” as well as in the “Worksheet” areas, and refer back to your notes in the “Mutation Guide” if necessary. 6. Complete the exercise as directed, recording any data or information needed in your Worksheet. 7. When you are finished, please answer all of the questions found at the end of the Worksheet....
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DNAandGenesinstructions - clicking the “X” in the upper...

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