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My highest intelligence is the Interpersonal intelligence and my personality type is an organizer. The study techniques that I will use to function best in my distance learning environment will be to make note cards of important information and then read over them a few times. I will also have my family members study with me and let me read my notes to them out loud so that I can discuss my information with them. I will also ask for feedback from my instructors and classmates in the forums from now on. When I study I will have a stable, well structured environment too. One thing I already do is that I have a planner and I mark down what assignments are due and when they are due. This helps me stay on track and not forget anything. My weakest intelligence is the visual and body intelligences and my weakest personality type is a thinker. In order to improve these areas I will think of new ways to approach issues and find time to reflect on the information I have learned. I have to stop doing things
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Unformatted text preview: over and over again also. If I learn through problem solving this will help as well. I will also start to use different colored highlighters when I am highlighting information. Drawing maps will increase my visual intelligence and making graphic charts when doing things. It is important to know your strengths because you can choose which strategies to use when studying and retaining information in school or even in the workplace. It can also help you set goals to increase your weaker areas in learning. When working in groups with your classmates, knowing each others strengths will help you decide who will be better at doing certain tasks when working on a project together. Knowing this is beneficial because if one person is weaker at reading charts or problem-solving, another classmate who is stronger in that area can do that part. You can assign each person to do the task that best fits their learning style and personality....
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