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Bio 1B - Group Lab Report #1

Bio 1B - Group Lab Report #1 - Final Thought Questions...

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Final Thought Questions Biology1B-Fall 2010 5) What are some reasons for a population persisting below the environment's carrying capacity? - Energy, shelter, refuge from predators, nutrient availability, water, and suitable nesting sites can all be limiting factors. Crowding and resource limitation can have significant effects on population growth rate; without the ability to obtain sufficient resources to reproduce, the per capita birth rate will decline and remain below the carrying capacity. Also, if disease or parasitism increase with density, this will lead to lower-than-expected population sizes. 6) What are the strengths and weaknesses of the model? - The logistic model provides a growth curve that would occur in an ideal environment – one lacking predators/competing species – and other conditions that rarely occur in nature. Although the information can be accurate for small animals such as beetles, crustaceans, and
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