Chem1A - F Lab 9 Write-Up - Kylie Chem1A 23 November 2009...

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Kylie Chem1A 23 November 2009 Light Inquiry Light Inquiry: Dyes in Kool-Aid Abstract In the “Light Inquiry” lab, the types and concentrations of the dyes in Kool-Aid were determined by obtaining specific properties of sample food-safe dyes. Such properties included the absorbance spectra that distinguishes each dye, as well as the transmission curves of different colors. The identification of the dyes was made possible by their absorbance data, and their molar concentrations were calculated using Beer's Law – the equation that sets the absorbance value equal to the product of the extinction coefficient ( ) Ɛ , the path length of the sample cell ( l ), and the concentration ( c ) of the sample dye. After comparing the absorption and transmission properties of the known dye solutions to those in the Kool-Aid, the resulting data showed that the ones used for this beverage are: with concentrations of , respectively. Introduction The experiment is based on the important concept that the number of photons a sample of material absorbs is proportional to the number of particles in the path of the beam light. Such concept establishes the direct connection between the absorbance (A) and the concentration of the dye solutions, as represented in Beer's Law. This, in turn, allows the amounts of different dyes in Kool-Aid to be determined by the properties of the corresponding colors. The absorption values of the dyes were used not only to calculate the concentrations of the different dyes, but to identify the specific dyes used in Kool-Aid; this was made possible by comparing the absorption vs. wavelength graphs of the known dyes to those of the not yet identified dyes in Kool-Aid. The transmission curves of various colored
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Chem1A - F Lab 9 Write-Up - Kylie Chem1A 23 November 2009...

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