Chem 3BL - Lab Report E#23 - Kylie 28 September 2010 Chem...

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Kylie 28 September 2010 Chem 3B Lab Experiment #23: Aldehyde X Discussion: The NMR spectra of product X showed that the main alkene contained two benzene rings, which were equidistant from the e-withdrawing oxygen; this suggested that the product was a di-substituted ketone with a symmetrical appearance. This corresponded to the larger alkene product of the reaction between cinnamaldehyde and acetone, and the number of carbons and hydrogens represented in the spectra confirmed this. The aldehyde's physical characteristics helped point towards cinnamaldehyde; its yellow oil- like appearance and cinnamon odor provided a starting point. The NMR spectra helped confirm this while allowing me to cancel out the two other possible choices. P-anisaldehyde was ruled out since product X's NMR spectra showed the presence of no more than one oxygen. The spectra also showed that the number of C and H peaks did not match with the product of either p-anisaldehyde or benzaldehyde, due to the extra set of reactive groups on each side of the
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Chem 3BL - Lab Report E#23 - Kylie 28 September 2010 Chem...

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