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MATH 2300 - Ch 7-9 Cheat Sheet

MATH 2300 - Ch 7-9 Cheat Sheet - probability:Vocab Symbols...

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Symbols - Σ – standard deviation σ - mean μ n – sample size Vocab Statistic – summary of sample data Parameter – summary of a population Center – mean (of population) μ Spread – standard error of x Point estimate – single number Interval estimate – interval of numbers where the value is believed to fall SE is an estimated SD of a samp.dit. p – population proportion p – sample proportion se – standard error n – sample size S – sample standard dev. error probability: = 1 – L α left tail probability = /2 α P Z /2(se) : where se = p (1 - p) Ŧ α n ution df = n – 1 nce Interval for Population Mean x t(se) : where se = s/ n Ŧ me = t(se) … (x – me ; x + me) Answer II Errors e, a Type I occurs when Ho is rejected se, a Type II occurs when Ho is not rejected es down, P(type II) goes up p > p o – right-tail prob p < p o – left-tail prob p p o – two-tail prob e. H=H denotes null hyp. Always has equality “=” (innocent) in some range of values. H denotes alt. hyp. (>,<, ) (guilty) Chapter 7
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