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1 Classical Societies Essay HUM/205 Classical societies have produced a magnificent array of artwork that continues to marvel both individuals and scholars today. In order to examine artwork in relation to its culture, it is necessary to break down the piece of artwork to thoroughly analyze it. The artwork that will be
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2 examined will be the Delphic Hymn to Apollo from the Classical Greece period, the Battle of the Gods and Giants from the Hellenistic Greece period, The Tomb of Hunting and Fishing from the Etruscan civilization, the Temple of Vesta from the Roman Republic, and Pompeian, Villa at Boscoreale from the Roman Empire civilization. Although there is not much physical evidence, music played a large role in Classical Greece. One piece in particular is the Delphic Hymn to Apollo. This musical piece is from 138 BCE and was written by Limenios. According to author Paul Brians (1998) “the text is marked with a form of music notation which makes it one of the earliest pieces of music to have survived in the western world.” To this writer, the artwork seems to express a certain respect and admiration for Apollo and a wanting to celebrate him at a sacred place, which is the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi. In Classical Greece, music was said to not be an isolated art. Music came from
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Classical Societies Essay - 1 Classical Societies Essay...

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