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Complaintletter2 - she overcharged me for my meal She was...

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June 27, 2011 47 Andrew Jackson Ct. Dallas, GA 30157 To: Sapporo Japanese Steak & Sushi 3600 Dallas Hwy SW, Subject: Complaint regarding Sapporo Japanese steak and Sushi Restaurant waitress I find the food amazing at your restaurant. But the last time I was there, I did not have an enjoyable experience. It just started out on the wrong foot. I came to Sapporo Japanese steak and sushi on June 23 2011, wanting to have a nice meal. When I got to the restaurant, it did not seem that busy, but it took the hostess thirty minutes to seat me. After she did seat me, she didn’t even apologize for the wait. After that, it was another fifteen minutes until I had a waitress, even though the restaurant still was not that busy. When she finally brought me my food, she brought the wrong order. She brought me teriyaki chicken instead of sesame Chicken. My meal also came with sirloin steak which had no flavor at all. After I told the waitress about my messed up order she didn’t seem to want to do anything about it. When she brought me my check,
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Unformatted text preview: she overcharged me for my meal. She was very rude about this whole situation. After we sorted that out, I left. If a customer is irritated and upset about the way the waitress acted, then the waitress at Sapporo should NOT under any circumstance make the situation worse by speaking rudely to the customer and not offering to help the situation. I typically eat at Sapporo at least 3 times per month during a year. I will not eat at the Sapporo on Dallas Hwy in GA again because of the way I was treated by a waitress. The manager did listen to me; however I am not confident that anything will be done to correct what happened. My experience at Sapporo was ruined because of this waitress's attitude and rudeness. I expect some sort of resolution of this matter. The only way I would return to this particular restaurant is if I was offered some sort of compensation, whether it is a gift card or something of the sort. Sincerely, Charise Racette...
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