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1. Describe Village Volvo’s service package. The service package is defined as a bundle of goods and services with information that is provided in some environment. This bundle consists of five components describing services such as: • Supporting facility • Facilitating goods • Information • Explicit services • Implicit services Village Volvo represents an effort by two former authorized Volvo dealer mechanics to provide quality service repair on out-of-warranty Volvos at a reasonable cost. On the basis of their 22 combined years of training and experience with the local Volvo dealer, they have earned a respected reputation and following of satisfied customers, which make an independent service operation feasible. *Supporting facilities Village Volvo has new Butler building which has four work places for repairing cars. Also Village Volvo has an office, a waiting place which car owners use while their cars are repairing, and storage room for tools and parts of cars. *Facilitating Goods
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