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Can you as a leader use each power base to "motivate" your followers and which power base is most "powerful" in terms of motivating followers? Solution: As a leader I can use different powers to motivate mu juniors for accomplishing the targets on time with quality output. Different powers can be use in different ways according to the situation. Legitimate power can be use to direct juniors for particular action. This power provides opportunity to direct peers and accomplished objectives in a better way and desired way. Reward power is one of the power which supports in positive way to legitimate power. It enables the higher level people to handle the juniors in favorable way. Coercive power is opposite to reward power and it is basically use to remove negative points to handle the situations and get the wrong things in favor. Expert power enables to handle things in better way. As this power is a result of specialized skills and expertise experiences and knowledge. Referent power is a
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Unformatted text preview: result of identification of juniors to their superiors. It comes from the juniors as how they identify their superiors and how they give respect to them. All the powers are powerful to influence the followers but if we talk about the most ‘powerful’ power then I found the Expert Power is the most powerful power. As this power, allows the leader to influence in a better way. As an ENFJ it allows understanding the different situations and circumstances in a better ways. Specialized skills, knowledge and rich experiences make competent to leaders to understand everything in different and better way. It supports to motivate the followers in unique way. Rich experience and knowledge taught to understand different situations. In chapter 7 the text states that people are not only motivated by money. Money isn’t everything and I have learned that there are several different factors to motivate people. As a leader you must always reward your team with their accomplishments....
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