CASE - Take Bag Check-out Sort Process Registration Shirts...

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Place the dirty shirts in the bag Make Payment Check-out And Leave Eat Take Bag To Outlet Pick up Shirts Attach a color-coded label on the bag Sort Shirts for Pickup 3:30-8:30 pm Process Check-out Pay at Pickup Pick up Shirts at Plant and Distribute Deliver Bags to Central Plant Reminder Credit Card Payment Received? Bill Customer Registration System Load on Truck Sorted by Location Put on Hangers Clean and Press Shirts Count Shirts and Record for Billing COMMUTER CLEANING - A NEW VENTURE PROPOSAL 1. Prepare a service blueprint for Commuter Cleaning . Physical Evidence: Bag Location Accuracy of Bill Clean Customers Actions Line of Interaction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Station CSR Line of Visibility ************************************************************************************ Driver Office CSR Line of Internal Interaction --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Central Cleaning Plant 2. What generic approach to service system design is illustrated by Commuter cleaning, and what competitive advantages does this design offer ? Customer contact approach is important in well maintained systems as we can see that the generic approach towards which we are talking about is to service system design and it must be illustrated by commuter cleaning and this is called customer contact approach. When we talk about the competitive benefits offered by service system design, we can easily say that these are for the convenience of customers as the location of kiosk might be changed and it must always be where the customer works everyday and monthly billing. Decrease in laundry bag will decrease the transaction amount.
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CASE - Take Bag Check-out Sort Process Registration Shirts...

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