The organization must plan its incident response so

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Unformatted text preview: lan its incident response so the program can respond to security incident. They use a scenario analyses and brainstorming. ""tudents hac nto ic omputer sssttm ea t xupprt ei s ch no ool" The students found an nternet program that targets indowssbased networr s nad ere able to w discover the schooll passwordss ss s s a idGe s l nn vvnss a F mont Union Gigh chool Districtt re s strategic business and communittmanagerr o ch ool o fficia ls l ea rn ed o t f he b r each a n d fixed the ssstemm vulnn reabi itt s l t Gomeland ecuritt pDrtment's paonehe e sssttm hac ed This article is about a hac er wbo eroo anto h i telephone ssstem belonging to the Gomeland p ec ur i tt De a p rtm e nt r ac edup b out i ra n international callss Telecommunications securittadministrators now are able to configure securittsettings to avoid such incidentss These safeguards will protect customers' information from future hacking incidents. httpp p p www...
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