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Unformatted text preview: wasiansecurittorrr t rrtg lasssssssootttice tt omelandn s urettc pirtmdntsspponen ss t ssstae he e mm hac ed @ ecurittorganization's eb site hac ed This article is about a hac er ta t attact h ed te h securittsssttm ead turned onn llltation n l a website into a site for illegalllharvesting Ds which are part of a larger trend of web application insecuritt t n orrrr to prdveee nt this from happening again a web securittaudit is the securittsolutionn TTTT now h ve hae protected networks. Please make sure that you abide by the following: 1. Your response has to be authentic (no copying information), correct in spelling and capitalization. I suggest that you type it in Word, spellcheck, copy and paste. 2. Please start all your responses with a salutation (Dear Group, or Dear Judy, etc.) 3. You must include at least 3 sources of information (Web sites, books, articles, etc.) 4. You must resp...
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