discussion4 - Graded D iscussion 4 Ethics in Statistics...

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Graded Discussion 4 Ethics in Statistics Module for ECON 2300 http://www.amstat.org/about/ethicalguidelines.cfm 1. Do you agree with Don that scientists often exaggerate the publication status of their work in written materials? Don’s actions were highly unethical and selfish. This is addressed in “Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice” Which read in part: I. PREAMBLE A. Purpose of the Guidelines “The American Statistical Association's Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice are intended to help statistics practitioners make and communicate ethical decisions. Clients, employers, researchers, policymakers, journalists, and the public should be urged to expect statistical practice to be conducted in accordance with these guidelines and to object when it is not. While learning how to apply statistical theory to problems, students should be encouraged to use these guidelines, regardless of whether their target professional specialty will be "statistician." Employers, attorneys, and other clients of statistics practitioners have a responsibility to provide a moral environment that fosters the use of these ethical guidelines. Application of these or any other ethical guidelines generally requires good judgment and common sense. The guidelines may be partially conflicting in specific cases. The application of these guidelines in any given case can depend on issues of law and
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discussion4 - Graded D iscussion 4 Ethics in Statistics...

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