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Memo To: From: Date: Re: Introduction to Case The organization, a nonprofit community service center provides a system for rewarding employee performance, based on personal productivity. The current reward system acknowledges those employees who dedicate themselves to performing at or above expected levels. However, the project manager expects the field employees to work as a team in achieving weekly, monthly and quarterly productivity goals. Statement of Problem or OB Issue The problem in rewarding each team member, is that it fails to recognize the unique contributions that each team member may provide that leads to success of the team. One team member generally works on generating productivity reports, as he is skilled and efficient in generating the reports in a timely manner. Another team member updates client contact numbers, as she is very good at getting new contact information from friends and relatives of clients. The current reward system fails to acknowledge team efforts and the cohesiveness that is desirable and necessary for a team to be successful. The project manager often overlooks the efforts of all team members and tends to focus on one individual or another, in offering rewards or recognition. While there is no system in place to encourage cooperation among team members or for each team member to consider how others within the team can contribute to project success, they tend to do so anyway.
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persuasivememo - Memo To: From: Date: Re: Introduction to...

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