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Diegan 1 Jonathan Diegan Miss R. D. Doddato December 9, 2007 English 111- Section 5 Tears and Sorrow: Ingredients for Molding a Nation Over the course of history there have been days that we as a nation would rather forget. These events cause many tears to be shed and force us to reevaluate the problems and fears of the general public. One such event is the Columbine High School massacre that occurred in Littleton, Colorado on April 20, 1999. This event tugged on the heartstrings of our nation and has been engraved in the minds of Americans ever since. Although this tragic event caused much pain and sorrow, it also paved the way for society to make many new achievements. Improvements in gun control changed who could get weapons and how they could get them. Along with this improvement, we finally began to look into the profile of a person who commits such violence. From this new understanding, we can fix and fine tune ways to prevent others from building up hate and using violence as a solution. Finally we examined schools and how we could prevent and prepare for similar events. Although this was a tragic event it opened the eyes of Americans, proved to fix many problems, and helped shape the nation. In order to grasp the effects of Columbine, we first must examine what happened. It began as any other April day in Littleton, Colorado. However, behind the scenes Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were about to unleash their well-constructed plan onto an unsuspecting Columbine High School. Earlier that morning the two boys had placed a bomb 3 miles away from the school to distract local police and fire officers. They arrived at the high school at 11:10 AM and planted two 20-pound propane bombs in the cafeteria. The two boys then returned to
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Diegan 2 their cars and proceeded to detonate the distraction bomb. They also set the timer on their cars, which were rigged as bombs. The boys’ plan was to set off the two 20-pound bombs; when students were leaving the school, they intended to mow them down with a variety of explosives and semi-automatic weapons. Their plan failed when the propane bombs did not detonate. At 11:19 AM , the boys stepped out of their cars and began shooting on the students standing outside the school. After hearing the shots, the school janitor called the police at 11:23 AM . The police arrived at 11:24 AM causing Dylan and Eric to panic. They shot at the officer and retreated into
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Essay3RD-e - Diegan 1 Jonathan Diegan Miss R. D. Doddato...

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