Final exam 4190

Final exam 4190 - 1. Describe BP's response to the oil...

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1. Describe BP's response to the oil spill crisis and, if you were a BP executive, what would you do differently? Beyond pathetic is the best way we might hope to describe BP's response to the deepwater horizon oil spill of 2010. It is important to understand first how BP caused this problem and what they did and did not do to fix it in a timely manner. The spill, resulted from an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig which killed 11 platform workers and injured aver a dozen others, was the direct result of a rig manager who misread pressure data and gave workers the go-ahead to replace drilling fluid in the well with seawater. This coupled with a drilling well with previous safety hazards and concerns ultimately led to the catastrophic events which unfolded (Bates 2010). BP's initial response was to deny any fault in the incident, however after significant pressure from the Obama administration and numerous Congressional committees, BP agreed to take responsibility for the cleanup and restoration efforts. It was only until late August, nearly four months after the spill began, and that BP accepted blame and admitted their error for the event. While BP has now put billions into the clean-up and restoration efforts and had promised full compensation to those individuals affected, the consequences of their delayed action and assistance has done irreparable damage to the ocean ecosystems in the gulf. If I were an executive I would accept the responsibility and consequences associated with this type of accident. While it is certainly unpleasant to admit responsibility for such a mistake waiting nearly four months to make a definitive statement about responsibility is unacceptable. I
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Final exam 4190 - 1. Describe BP's response to the oil...

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