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Active Note Taking Links CS 171 – Spring 2011 (adapted from Professor Bates) Taking notes in lecture is one of the traditions of college. However, there are better ways to do it than just copying down exactly what the instructor says or puts on the board. While this is probably important, you should also include information about what you are noticing as you sit in the lecture. Include things that let you show relationships between the material. Use arrows, stars, colors, or something that makes sense to you. The instructor may indicate places on the board or put things next to each other on the long, horizontal board in a way that does not fit in your notebook. You might not understand everything you are seeing or you might have a question that you don't want to ask in class. Write it down! Use a "Q:" or something to mark it. This is a good way to start a conversation with the instructor during his/her office hours; ask
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Unformatted text preview: one of those questions! You can also use it to guide the way you read the textbook. If you still don't find the answer, ask the instructor or one of the tutors. If you don't understand something as you write it down, make a note of that so that you can look up more information later or ask questions. It will help you out when you study if you don't expect yourself to understand it based on your notes alone. Here is a link to a site about ways to take notes. One of their pieces of advice is to read the book before lecture. This is why I normally assign reading before class! University of Minnesota Duluth Notetaking Page Here is a link to a system of note taking called the Cornell Note-taking System . Here is a link (also from Cornell) to other links about strategies for getting the most out of lecture ....
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