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Lab Assignment 2

Lab Assignment 2 - Objectives String concatenation and...

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Lab Assignment 2 Objectives: String concatenation and constant reuse Using predefined libraries Formatting output, casting, and overloaded division Program 1: Concatenate, aka Lab2Pgm1 Although this is somewhat similar to the first program from Lab 1, it has some additional requirements. You should have two named string constants – one containing “Greetings “, and one containing “.\n”. You will need to use unnamed strings “from “ and “to “. You will need to ask the user for two variable strings, “Please enter receiver name: “, and sender. Your output will consist of two strings cconcatenated from the above six strings with the named strings used twice. Program 2: Power calculation, aka Lab2Pgm2 The user enters two numbers, for example, base = 5 , and power = 4 . The program repeats the input and calculates base power using the <cmath> library function pow() . For the example, the output should be 625. Program 3: Divider, aka Lab2Pgm3 The user enters two numbers, for example, num1 = 5, num 2 = 3, and perfoms the
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