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HIS 102 Final Research Paper - Sample name His 102 Impact...

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Sample name His 102 11/23/09 Impact of the 1896 Athens Olympics on the global society The Olympic Games were first initiated internationally in the 1896 Athens Olympics. Organized by Pierre de Coubertin, the Olympic Games were beginning to develop in to an actual event. The main inspirations for opening such a big event go back to the ancient games that were held in Greece. Coubertin studied the ancient events where men competed for glory and honor for their country. After the ancient games were banned, there were many competitions and events that used the idea of the Ancient games. Many people attempted to recreate an Olympic which took place in Europe. This helped Coubertin structure and prepare an Olympics of his own. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) was formed by Coubertin to prepare and accomplish his dream of an international sporting event. There has never been a sporting event with so many different countries and athletes competing in numerous fields of sports. Coubertin was able to gain enough support to open his Olympics where about 11 countries entered. There were many differences from the Olympics today but the basic structure was the same. Athletes from different countries tried their best to obtain a gold medal for their countries. As a result, the Olympics discovered many talented men and women who became heroes of their country and a symbol of honor and glory. The Olympic Games in Athens not only started a history of regularly held Olympic Games between countries that still continue today but also represented a harmony between different nations and showed the world that despite the differences, people can cooperate to solve international conflicts through a peaceful competition. The origin of the Olympic Games comes from the Ancient Olympic Games that were held in Olympia, Greece in 776BC. There are many myths of how the games started. There are
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myths about the Olympic Games originally being a competition between kings for a beautiful princess. King Pelops was one of the contestants who won using his cunning schemes. Another myth says that Hercules organized the first Olympics during his twelve labors which were ordered by Goddess Hera (Huberty). Before the games began, the fastest runners took a truce to different states that the games are opening and peace should be maintained during this time
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HIS 102 Final Research Paper - Sample name His 102 Impact...

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