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Listening Quiz D#4

Listening Quiz D#4 - A KoKo B Carolina Shout C Mood Indigo...

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Listening Quiz D Your response has been submitted successfully.   Points Awarded  30 Points Missed  0 Percentage  100% 1. In the selections assigned for this quiz, which musical form is most common among them? A. The Blues B. Fugue C. Sonata Allegro Points Earned: 6/6 Correct Answer: A Your Response: A 2. Louis Armstrong demonstrates a peculiar vocal technique in "Hotter than Hot" which became  a staple of jazz vocalists in the days to follow. What is it called? A. vocables B. scat singing C. mumbling jones Points  Earned: 6/6 Correct Answer: B Your Response: B 3. Which of these displays a metric (beats/measure) organization that is different from the  others.
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Unformatted text preview: A. KoKo B. Carolina Shout C. Mood Indigo D. Take Five Points Earned: 6/6 Correct Answer: D Your Response: D 4. "Tu le ton son ton", "Lost Your Head Blues", and "Shout for Joy" are all cast in the twelve-bar blues form. Points Earned: 6/6 Correct Answer: True Your Response: True 5. The selection titled "KoKo" is the result of Parker and Gillespie improvising a melody over the chords to what standard tune without ever playing that tune? A. Mood Indigo B. Sing, Sing, Sing! C. Cherokee D. Do Nothin' till You Hear from Me Points Earned: 6/6 Correct Answer: C Your Response: C...
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