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Listening Quiz F#6 - Points Earned: 10/10 Correct Answer: C...

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Listening Quiz F Your response has been submitted successfully.   Points Awarded  20 Points Missed  0 Percentage  100% 1. What aspects of African-American musical performance are utilized in the recording of  Gershwin's "Bess You is My Woman Now"? A. harpsichord trills B. Gregorian Chant melodies C. blue notes D. traditional tribal flute music
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Unformatted text preview: Points Earned: 10/10 Correct Answer: C Your Response: C 2. Which of these makes use of 5-part polyphony? A. "Tonight" B. "Ol' Man River" C. "Every Day a Little Death" D. "Give My Regards to Broadway" Points Earned: 10/10 Correct Answer: A Your Response: A...
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