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V ECTOR A RITHMETIC – S CALAR M ULTIPLICATION AND P OSITION V ECTORS In addition to being added and subtracted, vectors can be multiplied by a scalar (non-vector quantity). Multiplication by a scalar affects the length or magnitude of a vector, but not the direction (unless the scalar is negative). If k is a scalar, then k a = 2 1 ka ka . Each component is multiplied by the scalar. Ex . If - = 3 1 a and = 5 2 b , find: a) b 4 - b) b a 2 + c) a b 2 2 1 - A position vector is the directed line segment
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Unformatted text preview: P O from the origin O to the point P(a,b) . Ex . A surveyor is standing at the top of a hill. Call this point “the origin” (O). A lighthouse (L) is visible 4 km to the west and 3 km north. A town (T) is visible 5 km to the south and 2 km to the east. Find the position vectors of the lighthouse, L O a , and the town, T O . Hence, find the vector T L and the position of the town relative to the lighthouse. Assign: MM p.235 Exercise 13.2 #1-10...
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