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Cornell 1 - This is a important part of teaching for it...

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me an intentional teacher. Without this you are just a mere voice recorder in the front of the class. Along with being intentional you must ha Pedagogy Intentionality Teacher Efficacy Principle Theory ection between what the teacher wants the students to learn and what information they are learning in reality. This is a important skill to obta oint of the whole reading. Its meaning is that you as a teacher need to do what is best for the students. This means reevaluating your curren that what the teacher is teaching is making a difference.
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Unformatted text preview: This is a important part of teaching for it gives you a passion for teaching. If you ining of certain reactions to changes in the learning environment. This could be a variety of different things. From changing the formal cla rinciples that explains how a broad way of teaching affects students. This can also be applied to any aspect of teaching behavior, rewards, o Jon Diegan January 14, 2008 Education 112 Cornell Notes (Pages 1-15)...
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