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Manager and Subordin - Running head MANAGER AND SUBORDINATE...

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Running head: MANAGER AND SUBORDINATE CONSULTATIONS 1 Manager and Subordinate Consultations James A. Overstreet, Jr. HSM/220 June 23, 20011 Zakia Robbins
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MANAGER AND SUBORDINATE CONSULTATIONS 2 Manager and Subordinate Consultations Consultation has a great impact on productivity and job satisfaction, because in the productivity you are able to provide top notch service that is expected from your team. As a manager to have good productivity you must have communications with your team members and provide them with good and bad feedback on their work performance. Doing this will help a manager to show them where they need to improve at and what areas they are doing great at when there is no communication with your subordinates there is no good productivity coming out of your team. As for job satisfaction this will give your subordinates a boost when you give them praise on a job well done communication is the key to giving the support they need to strive for better excellence in their job. A good manager will hold meetings and even visit with each person and
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