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Running head: CHECKPOINT: EVALUATING COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES 1 CheckPoint: Evaluating Communication Strategies James A. Overstreet, Jr. HSM/210 April 21, 2011 Michael Ruffner
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CHECKPOINT: EVALUATING COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES 2 CheckPoint: Evaluating Communication Strategies What would you need to learn or know about each of your clients in order to communicate effectively with them? I would need to learn first is the needs of each client, then I will check to see if each client is able to understand me as I am able to understand them, checking to see if I will need an interpreter or they have a family member who is available and willing to assist us in understanding each other. If they are elderly person we must check to assure that they are stable enough to make their own decisions or the need someone who is their legal guardian or is authorize to decide for them. If the person is a child we must make sure the child is represented by a legal guardian or parent to assure they are getting legal service and are being cared for in the proper level of child service care. Dealing with the homeless will be a little hard because most homeless people don’t have any background to pull up or they will refuse to give you info needed to help them. I must first determine
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