Examining Government Regulations

Examining Government Regulations - Examining Government...

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Examining Government Regulations James A. Overstreet, Jr. HSM/210 03/27/2011 Michael Ruffner
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The law and regulations for unemployment began under the Social Security Act of 1935. The Act was established so the Unemployment System to response of the Great depression. The U.S. Department of Labor overseas the unemployment system and it allows each state to come up with their own laws, rules, and regulation, along with programs that meet or exceed the same at the federal level. In Georgia the unemployment laws state that it is mandatory one must have been employed and worked for an established amount of time that is referred as “base period” as specified by Georgia Department of Workforce Service. One has to be unemployed without his/her own personal reasons or faults as per the Georgia law. One must be able to file ongoing claims as well as answer questions to keep his/her eligible for unemployment. One must also report any earning’s made from any work and any job offer if he/she
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Examining Government Regulations - Examining Government...

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