Critical Thinking - side more than any other. 2. The family...

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Running head: CRITICAL THINKING 1 Critical Thinking James A. Overstreet, Jr. ETH/125 April 17, 2011 Pam Alexandroff
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CRITICAL THINKING 2 Critical Thinking 1. Why do you think the borderlands of the United States and Mexico have been the subject of such scrutiny, whereas there is little attention to similar areas along the United States and Canadian borders? I think the scrutiny is because of the drug activities that have been going on with the borders, not all who are trying to get through the border is bringing in drugs. A lot really want to come and do better for themselves and families but due to the negative activity from smugglers and drug dealers sneaking and attacking the borders it has made it bad on all who try to cross over making it harder for them to come over in the correct manner. As for the Canadian border there is not a large amount of drug smuggling going on so they are able to lower the security measure for the people crossing their borders. Borderlands are seeing more and more harsh and strict rules on the Mexico
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Unformatted text preview: side more than any other. 2. The family is often regarded by observers as a real strength in the Latino community. How can this strength be harnessed to address some of the challenges that Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans face in the United States? CRITICAL THINKING 3 The strength of the family shows how the Latino Americans stick together to overcome anything that is thrown at them. The learn how to handle and work everything together as a strong family. Each member has his or Her own roll in the family and they teach those rolls to the other family members as well in order for them to get ahead and be a productive family in the community. Having their values on life and family can and sticking to them as a family can and will keep their strength and heritage going, without this strength they will not be a strong race that will be functional or respected in the United States....
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Critical Thinking - side more than any other. 2. The family...

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