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orientalism - Characteristics of Orientalism James A...

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Characteristics of Orientalism James A. Overstreet, Jr. ETH/125 03/31/2011 PAM ALEXANDROFF
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The difference between Muslims and Arabs, are that most Arabs are not Muslims and Muslims are not of Arab descent. In each group there is a diversity with them that goes from religious expression, ancestral background. Both groups have been stereotyped because of the outcome of September 11, 2001 incident, but even if it was not because of this event Arab and Muslim Americans still have a challenge to sort out there identity but they are still a functioning strong and growing community. In America Arab and Muslim groups are the most rapidly growing groups and the American society sometimes mix the two groups or are confused of what group they might belong too. But two break it all down, the Arabs are an ethnic group and the Muslim is a religious group. Muslims are of Islamic faith that is like Christianity, and Muslims believes in that faith just as a Christian.
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