Ch. 7 Cognition

Ch. 7 Cognition - Ch. 7 Cognition Intelligence o The...

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Ch. 7 Cognition Intelligence o The ability to learn from one’s experiences, acquire knowledge, and use resources effectively in adapting to new situations or solving problems Spearman’s G factor o G factor The ability to reason and solve problems, or general intelligence o S factor The ability to excel in certain areas, or specific intelligence Gardner’s multiple intelligences o 9 different kinds of intelligence Verbal/linguistic Ability to use language Musical Ability to compose and/or perform music Logical/mathematical Ability to think logically and to solve mathematical problems Visual/spatial Ability to understand how objects are oriented in space Movement Ability to control one’s body motions Interpersonal Sensitivity to others and understanding motivation of others Intrapersonal Understanding of one’s emotions and how they guide actions Naturalist Ability to recognize the patterns found in nature Existentialist Ability to see the “big picture” of the human world by asking questions about life, death , and the ultimate reality of human experience Sternberg’s Triarchic Theory o There are three components of intelligence Analytical intelligence The ability to break problems down into component parts, or analysis, for problem solving Creative intelligence The ability to deal with new and different concepts and to come up with new ways of
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Ch. 7 Cognition - Ch. 7 Cognition Intelligence o The...

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