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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 Social Cognition Thinking About the...

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Chapter 2: Social Cognition: Thinking About the Social World Social Cognition-the ways in which we interpret, analyze, remember and use info about the social world; how we think about other people, our relations with them and the social environments in which we live Once our ideas and beliefs are formed, it takes a lot of effort to change them Process social info in a seemingly automatic manner Schemas-mental frameworks that allow us to organize large amounts of info in an efficient manner o Exert strong effects on social thought Heuristics-simple rules of thumb we often use to make decisions or draw inferences quickly, and with minimal effort Schemas: Mental Frameworks for Organizing – and Using – Social Info o Experience enables you to build a mental framework o Impact of Schemas on Social Cognition: Attention, Encoding, Retrieval Attention-what info we notice Encoding-processes through which info we notice stored in memory Retrieval-processes through which we recover info from memory o Act as a kind of filter o Information that does not fit is often ignored o Info that becomes focus of our attention is much more likely to be stored in long-term memory o Also, info that is sharply inconsistent with our schemas o Allow us to process info with less effort o Can produce distortions Play important role in prejudice o Show a strong perseverance effect – remaining unchanged even in the face of contradictory info o Can sometimes be self fulfilling o Self-Confirming Nature of Schemas: When – and Why –Beliefs Shape Reality Heuristics and Automatic Processing o Simple rules for making complex decisions or drawing inferences in a
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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 Social Cognition Thinking About the...

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