Psycopatholgy-Conceptions of Mental Disorders

Psycopatholgy-Conceptions of Mental Disorders - Conceptions...

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Conceptions of Mental Disorders I.) Different Conceptions of Mental Disorders *Early Views of Psychopathology * Somatogenic Hypothesis : people argued that mental illness, like other forms of illness, could be traced to some injury or infection *Observation that led to this idea: *General Paresis : disorder characterized by a broad decline in physical and psychological functions, culminating in marked personality aberrations that may include delusions (“I am the king of England”) or profound hypochondriacal depressions (“My heart has stopped beating”) * Richard von Krafft (1897, pg 598 ): found that paresis was a consequence of infection with syphilis *Result: antibiotics cure the infection; the symptoms of paresis can be avoided altogether II.) The Modern Conception of Mental Disorder *Psychodynamic Models ( Freud ): mental disorders are thought to be the manifestations of unconscious psychological conflicts, origination in one’s childhood experiences *Learning Models : mental disorders result from maladaptive learning, and are best corrected w/ remedial learning **Biomedical factors do play a critical role in producing some forms of psychopathology; childhood experiences and maladaptive learning also play a role * Diathesis-Stress Models *A breakup will cause depression only if other factors are on the scene: *Other Factors: * Genetic: people have a biological tendency to become depressed but they will not become depresses until the person experiences a stressful event *How someone thinks about the events he experiences—the style of thinking creates a risk or a danger of depression ** Diathesis-Stress Model
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Psycopatholgy-Conceptions of Mental Disorders - Conceptions...

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