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Test 1 Study Guide Class and Book Notes

Test 1 Study Guide Class and Book Notes - MGT 243 Test 1...

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MGT 243 Test 1 Study Guide Professor Douglas Mahony A few general comments and recommendations: While every attempt has been made to ensure this guide represents a thorough overview and review of the material it nonetheless does not constitute an exhaustive list of the content upon which you will be tested. That said, nearly all of the questions on the test will derive back to the concepts listed below. All of the material presented and discussed in class as well as the assigned chapters is fair game for this test. Accordingly, test questions will focus on / draw upon material, concepts, and theories that have been either discussed in class or discussed in the assigned chapters. Even if something isn’t in the guide, it is possible you could be tested on it. The test will consist of a mix of multiple choice and short answer questions. Typically, you should expect between one and three short answer questions and 15 to 25 multiple choice questions. For this test you should be prepared to: Define any and all highlighted terms. Distinguish between terms in an applied fashion; that is, if a question asks which term/concept best answers a question, solves a scenario problem, or fits a certain description. Integrate theories across topics. A few notes about this study guide: This is an abbreviated guide. An expanded version is available on Blackboard that includes example questions. I highly review these questions as they are typical of both the nature and wording of the questions that you will find on the test. As mentioned, this guide is not intended to be exhaustive. Items and concepts listed below that are in bold are especially important . They will most likely be on the test in some form, and some may be tested in two separate questions. The bulk of the most challenging questions will also come from boldface items. The non-bold items will be sampled such that some are on the test and others won’t be chosen. Essay questions are always pulled from boldface points.
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Topical Outline Note: J/G refers to Jones/George readings I NTRODUCTION AND H ISTORY – M OD 1 & J/G C HAPTERS 1 & 2 4 Functions (book calls them tasks) of Management o Planning : identifying and selecting appropriate goals o Organizing : structuring working relationships in a way that allows organizational members to work together to achieve organizational goals o Leading : articulating a clear vision and energizing and enabling organizational members so that they understand the part they play in achieving organizational goals o Controlling : evaluating how well an organization is achieving its goals and taking action to maintain or improve performance Effectiveness vs. efficiency o Efficiency : a measure of how well or how productively resources are used to achieve a goal Efficient when managers minimize input resources (labor, RM, parts) or amount of time needed to produce o Effectiveness : a measure of the appropriateness of goals an organization is pursuing and of
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