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1. Ginger’s useful part is the rhizome. 2. Mace’s useful part is the aril. 3. Red Chilly’s useful part is the fruit. 4. Cloves’ useful part is the flower-bud. 5. Horseradish’s useful part is the taproot. 6. Sativus=cultivated 7. Cardimom and Turmeric are from the same family. 8. Fenugreek is the only legume used as a condiment. 9. Basil, mint, and oregano are in the same family.
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Unformatted text preview: 10. All spice is in the same family as clove. 1. William Withering – Fox Glove 2. Edmund Stone – Willow 3. Felix Hoffman – Aspirin 4. Sir Ronald Ross – Malaria 5. Malaria – quinine 6. Snakebite – reserpine 7. Burns – aloin 8. Leukemia – Vinblastine 9. Pain - morphine...
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