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Axia College Material Appendix E Hardware/Software Components In your own words, describe the following hardware/software components Legacy systems Legacy systems are the components of a company’s IT system. This can cost a lot of time and man power to set up. Mainframe computers Mainframe computers are really large computers. Their main purpose is to run applications for large-scale computing purposes. Microprocessors Microprocessor contains the CPU functions and the engine of the computer. PCs PC is a personal computer. Its purpose is to be affordable and useful for individuals. Network computers Network computers are regular PC’s that connected to networks or communication channels in order to share information. World Wide Web and Internet The World Wide Web is a way of accessing information on the
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Unformatted text preview: internet. The internet is a massive network that can communicate with any computer as long as they are both connect. Wired and wireless broadband technology Wired and wireless broadband technology is hardware that lets fast and ample amounts or information come across the web to a computer. PC software PC software is a program that is used to perform specific functions on a computer. Networking software Networking software is software that connects one company to another. Networking software lets companies share and change information with other companies Computer security software Computer security software protects computers from viruses and keeps hackers out of the computer. BUS 210...
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