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A few factors that define teaching as a professional career are motivation, preparation, Ability to make decisions and knowledge. Becoming a teacher comes with a lot of responsibilities, but one important factor that comes into place is being motivated. Every day you should enter your school and classroom ready to teach these students. A lot of times you get negative kids in the classroom, thinking they can’t do it, but teachers need to be the role model to them and keep them motivated. Coming into this profession, you need to be prepared to what you would be earning. In my personal opinion, for this type of career you have to be doing it because you love it and not for the money. At times new teachers come in thinking they are going to get rich doing this and once in it and finding out what they make they get discouraged
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Unformatted text preview: and at times start disliking the job. All teachers need to have the ability to make decisions in their classrooms. For example, with new teachers, students know when a teacher is fresh and they tend to test the teacher, teachers need to set the rules down the very first day and make the students understand everything he/she says. At that time an important decision must be made, either you let the students walk all over you or you make your point and make them understand. Any little decision made in the classroom can not only affect the teacher but also to the students. It is very important for teachers to know what they are teaching. Knowledge is a very important part of the classroom because this is what is being passed to our children. A teacher can never have enough knowledge, the more the better their students will be....
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