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Exercise Teacher Liability - whether the teacher took...

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1. To what extent are you responsible for the actions of students like Damien? Your Answer: I think teachers should know up the what extent they have with students. If the teacher knew what type of student Damien was she shouldn't of put other students in a position that she put Katie in. Teachers are legally responsible for the actions of all students, including ones like Damien. They act in loco parentis, serving as guardians for the children under their care. 2. If this problem developed into a liability suit, what factors would the courts consider in judging whether you were negligent? Your Answer: Made a reasonable attempt to anticipate dangerous conditions, took proper precautions and established rules and procedures to prevent injuries, warned students of possible dangerous situations and provided proper supervision. The courts would consider several factors here. Perhaps the most important is the age and mental abilities of the students involved. Also the courts would want to know if the children were warned of dangers and
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Unformatted text preview: whether the teacher took precautionary measures, anticipating possible dangerous situations. 3. In hindsight, were there some things you could have done differently in terms of this science activity? Your Answer: I think the most important thing I would of done differently in terms of the science activity is I would of already known the type of behavior this student was having, I would of the set him aside and had him work alone, while the other students would work together. Working with others is a privilage. I would of also worked with him if he was needing the help, so he wouldn't feel like I was singling him out and not helping him. Definitely students should have been warned of the dangers of chemical substances. In addition, you might have monitored Damien more carefully. This last suggestion is a gray area or judgment call, as the teacher is responsible for all the children in a class, not just one....
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