perspective on Health Care - HEALTH CARE 1 Perspective on...

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HEALTH CARE 1 Perspective on Health Care Michele R. Morris HCS/212 Edward Lewis June 26, 2011
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HEALTH CARE 2 Health Care Health Care has a long history and has changed and progressed over the years. Medicine and health care technology have come such a long way. There are now medical advancements that could not be imagined in the past. Interests These medical advancements are precisely what interested me in health care. Technology changes often. Sometimes it seems technology is changing every single day. Inventions are created, television sets become more advanced, and there are better ways to watch movies and listen to music. However those things do not save lives. Next to the fact that health care is so important to our well being, the medical advances that are being made in the health care industry involve a large portion of our countries money. That makes health care even more interesting. Some of the greatest economic minds in our country do not realize what the long-term implications of the health care bill will be (, 2010 ). Pursuing
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perspective on Health Care - HEALTH CARE 1 Perspective on...

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