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Donald W. Owen, II THEO202_B05_200930 Short Essay # 1 Short Essay on Topic:  Marriage Tom and Jane, both believers, are facing a hard time in their marriage and want to consider their “options.” However, before making a life-altering decision, they want to get the proper perspective on the issues involved and see what the Bible says. I would begin by stating that marriage is a covenant, a promise between two people, a man and a woman that was instituted by God our creation (Gen. 2:18-25). This promise is made as an oath before God. With that said there are many different versions of what marriage is today in our society and in the world. Across the globe the word marriage means many different types of relationships and to explain them all would be far too much. The biblical teaching on marriage involved various customs as the union of man and woman became popular for the procreation of children. Siblings would marry as well as cousins and even in the event of Moses it was an aunt and nephew who were his mother and father, Amram and Jochebed. Once
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