evil in the world

evil in the world - What is the problem of evil Define...

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What is the problem of evil? Define moral evil and natural evil, and illustrate them with examples. Seek to explain why there is sin among mankind (the philosophical problem of moral evil) and why bad things happen in nature (the philosophical problem of natural evil). Consider the various theodicies presented in the reading, and address the merits and faults of each one. Briefly explain why a theodicy must be internally consistent, and defend the internal consistency of your explanation of evil’s existence. Consider how personal experience of evil may affect one’s relationship with God (the religious problem of evil). Do you believe someone can dispute a certain belief about God without actually attacking God Himself? When talking with Sam I knew the existence of God was really the root of his questions and concerns about the presence of evil in the world by the recent events on the news, the reports of natural catastrophes, war, disease, and so on. I begin with a couple of propositions about the problem of evil. First, evil is real, it’s not an illusion. Some have defined evil as the absence of good, but that’s not a really good way to say it. Understanding or justifying the ways of God to man become difficult to communicate when we can’t understand all there is to know about God. So to understand evil we must search to understand God and His existence. Theodicy is relevant to understanding the ways of God. Can God’s ways be explained to man? Or better can man understand God’s ways? There are positions that people take, that if God exist then evil cannot exist. A good God, the
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evil in the world - What is the problem of evil Define...

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