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Donald W. Owen, II THEO202_B05_200930 Short Essay # 1 Short Essay on Topic: The Problem of Evil When talking with Sam after church the other day, I heard him questioning, “the problem of evil.” I began to think, Sam’s real question was rooted to the existence of God and his concerns regarding the presence of evil in the world due to the recent events on the news, such as the reports of natural catastrophes, war, disease, and so on. Theodicy is relevant to understanding the ways of God. Can God’s ways be explained to man? Or better yet, can man understand God’s ways? There are positions that people take. First, if God exist then evil cannot exist. A good God, the creator, would not create evil. Secondly, there are many types of evil; therefore what or who is responsible? Thirdly, is based on a person’s understanding; would it be consistent to their world view? Fourthly, is the problem of logical consistency; how can we fit evil into our belief system? Lastly, is the person who takes the position that we cannot be responsible for what we do, if we were created. Do we have free will? Is evil the result of free will? Is God so weak that He cannot accomplish the task of removing evil from the world?
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Owen_Donald_W_SE1 - Donald W. Owen, II THEO202_B05_200930...

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