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short essay 2

short essay 2 - understanding What is the biblical teaching...

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Theo 202 Essay 2 Your friends Tom and Jane, both believers, are facing a hard time in their marriage and want to consider their “options.” However, before making a life-altering decision, they want to get the proper perspective on the issues involved and see what the Bible says. They know that you are a student of the Word and ask you for help. With this scenario in mind, address the following questions in your 600-800 word essay: - What is the biblical teaching on marriage? Include requirements and limitations. - When does the Bible consider a couple married? How does this differ from the current popular
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Unformatted text preview: understanding?- What is the biblical teaching on divorce? Does the Bible (especially the New Testament) allow divorce? If so, what are the grounds for divorce, and how do they differ from what you witness in current society?- What are some objections to your view on divorce? Include the biblical evidence used against your view. How do you respond to the objections?- Is it ever acceptable for a Christian to remarry? If so, under which circumstances is it permissible?...
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