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THEO 202 S HORT E SSAYS I NSTRUCTIONS You will write four Short Essays in this course. The goal of these essays is for you to think over and analyze information biblically and theologically to articulate a case for your own views. Follow the steps below to successfully complete each essay. Step 1: Familarize yourself with the general expectations of the Short Essay assignments as described below. For each essay, you will be reading articles from the Elwell text and then answering various questions about a theological topic. Use the Short Essays Template in which to compose your essay; this will ensure that you adhere to proper formatting (double-spacing, 1-inch margins, and 12-pt. Times New Roman font). In addition, you must follow Turabian style and include a Bibliography after each essay. Each essay should be 600–800 words in length, not including your name, course and section number, essay title, and Bibliography. Thus, you need to be concise yet avoid being superficial. You must also distinguish between what is relevant and what is not, between key issues/arguments and what is peripheral and can thus be ignored. The goal is not to include everything that can be said on the topic. Instead, you must use your judgment to identify key arguments and issues. Do not merely quote portions of the Elwell articles.
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Short_Essays_Instructions - THEO 202 SHORT ESSAYS...

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