1-28-10 - 1-28-10 How Neurons Communicate with Each Other:...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-28-10 How Neurons Communicate with Each Other: Part Two 2 ways to open a channel: a. voltage b. chemical SYNAPTIC TRANSMISSION A. Chemical Events at the Synapse I. Ca2+ enters the axon terminal a. Ca2+ channels open when the action potential reaches the axon. (voltage) II. neurotransmitter is released a. vesicles open and release their contents III.neurotransmitter interacts with receptors on the dendrites of the postsynaptic cell a. ion channels open on postsynaptic cell Na+ channels: excite excitatory postsynaptic potential (EPSP) -depolarization (same as EPSP) K+ channels: inhibitory inhibitory postsynaptic potential (IPSP) -hyperpolarization (same as IPSP) Cl- channels: IPSP inactivation of neurotransmitter a. enzymatic degradation b. re-uptake into presynaptic neuron c. uptake by astrocytes V. regulating events at the synapse a. axoanonic synapses b. autoreceptors: receptors on the axon, it monitors the amount of neurotransmitter that are being released B. Properties of synapses I. temporal summation: repeated stimuli within a brief time collectively produce an action potential II. spatial summation: several stimuli presented at the same time in separate (but close) locations can collectively cause an action potential IV. NEUROTRANSMITTER A. Types of neurotransmitter I. amino acids ex: glutamate, glycine, GABA II. modified amino acid ex: acetylcholine III. peptide (chains of amino acids) ex: endorphins, substance P IV. purine ex: ATP, adenosine V. monoamine ex: dopamine, serotonin VI. gases ex: nitric oxide ...
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1-28-10 - 1-28-10 How Neurons Communicate with Each Other:...

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