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ISS 335 Study Guide for Exam 2 Rothenberg 238-245; 391-395 (7 th ed.) Periods of Immigration Colonial Period (1607-1800) Anglo-Saxon Heritage Old European Immigration (1800-1880) Largest Immigrant groups were the Germans and Irish. New European Immigration (1880-1920) Great wave of European Immigration. Largest were the Italians & East European Jews. 1924 Immigration Act (Closed) 1965 Immigration Act (Opened) Abolished Quotas In the U.S. population: African Americans - Only 5% of African Americans transported as slaves came to the N. American Colonies. - Economic divisions within the black community. - American Apartheid: Segregation of blacks in decaying urban areas. Latinos - Account for 15% of the population Asians (Model Minorities) - Upward mobility through schooling & hard work - 1882 Chinese exclusion Act - Prevented Chinese Immigration. - Japanese are the only Asian Americans declining in numbers Native Americans - Indian Removal Act of 1830 - All tribes in the Southeast were forced to move west of Mississippi River. - Today about 1/3 of Native Americans live on reservations. FACTORS AFFECTING IMMIGRATION Push Factors- Factors pushing people to a new land; i.e. Religious persecution, famine, and war Pull Factors- Factors drawing people to a new land: ex. Economic opportunities, religious freedom, education, and letters from relatives. Efforts to curb (limit) immigration have come during ECONOMIC DOWNTURNS MYTHS OF IMMIGRATION #1- American is being over-run with immigrants. In 2000, 11% of the U.S population was foreign born. 1910 it was 15%. #2- Immigrants take jobs away from American citizens. Studies show they create/consume more jobs than they fill as consumers. They take jobs Americans wouldn’t want. #3- Drain on Society’s Resources Immigrants pay more in taxes than they cost in services received. #4- Aliens refuse to assimilate. This claim has been made about every new group coming to the U.S Aguirre and Turner Ch 3 The early colonists
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#1- Euro-ancestry group- Germans #2- Largest – Irish #3- Largest- English Central Purpose of English colonization in N. America: o Land Acquisition – religious freedom- to limit French/Spanish expansion- E CONOMIC GAIN (Main reason) Waves of English-speaking immigrants Puritans in Massachusetts o Congregational churches or town meetings Virginia Settlement o Anglican Church: Southern gentry (Land Owners), poor whites, hierarchical rank, sense of honor Quakers in the middle colonies
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ISS_Exam_2 - ISS 335 Study Guide for Exam 2 Rothenberg...

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