Chapter 16 - Chapter 16- Polymers Characteristics:...

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Chapter 16- Polymers Characteristics: chemically resistant, thermal and electrical insulators, light weight, easy processing, transparent or opaque, raw materials: Petroleum and natural gas. Classification Thermoplastic- Linear or branched polymers in which chains are not interconnected except by secondary bonding (van der wall) Become softer and melt when heated can form while hot, cool and maintain shape and harden with temp is reversible. Can be recycled Thermosetting Polymers- polymers that are heavily cross linked to form bones between chains. The bonds are covalent. It can form a network structure. Generally have higher strength than thermoplastic but re more brittle and can be molded and hardened by heat or chem rxn ONLY ONCE. Not recyclable Thermoplastic Linear vs. Branched chains Linear ten Branched Softens because thermal vibrations cause chains to easily slide over one another. Branching makes it more difficult for branches to slide over one another and makes the polymer stronger.
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Chapter 16 - Chapter 16- Polymers Characteristics:...

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